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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 17, 2012
Pages  278

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Is completing his series of school histories, the author of the present work has deemed it important to comprise in the same volume the ancient history of Greece andR ome, and of the other ancient nations, who were all more or less connected with these powerful and far-conquering states. Although it would be easy to multiply volumes by giving to each of the less civilized and influential nations a minute and extended history, yet the true interest of learners would not be consulted by such a course. To trace the progress of civilization and intellect with that degree of distinctness which is requisite in a course of historical instruction at school, it is deemed sufficient, so far as ancient history is concerned, to study a clear and succinct history of Greece andR ome, with such notices of the other ancient nations as will give a correct idea of their extent and importance; the leading events and characters occurring in their annals; and their relations with those two great states which were the chief depositaries of power, learning, and refinement, during the respective periods of their independence. Such a course has been followed in this volume; and it is hoped that the information which it comprises will enable the young student to acquire a correct idea of the earlier periods of history; and to understand the allusions, which he may meet with in a general course of literature, to the great nations, characters and events of antiquity.
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