Greek Sculpture a Collection of Sixteen Pictures...


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Author  Estelle M. Hurll
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  112

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Portraiture is illustrated in the statue of Sophocles and the bust of Pericles, genre studies in the Apoxyomenos and Discobolus, bas-relief work in the panel from the Parthenon frieze and theO rpheus andE urydice, and ideal heads and statues in the representations of the divinities. Both the Greek treatment of the nude and the Greek management of drapery have due attention. As classic literature is the best interpreter of Greek sculpture, the text draws freely from sucii original sources as the Iliad and theO dvsst, the Homeric hvnins, and VV fc. Ovid sM etamorphoses. 3T Lf,E MHURLL. BEDFORD, MASS. January, 1901. .
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