A History of Classical Greek Literature, Vol...


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Author  John Pentland Mahaffy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 20, 2012
Pages  544

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However valuable they may be for their matter, nay, even for their tone and sentiment, they are not read as classical, and therefore may fairly be excluded from a book which professes to keep within this limit. Strabo and Polybius, Pausanias and Dionysius, are all most interesting and instructive, and the last is necessary to any proper appreciation of classical oratory. Plutarch and Lucian rank higher, and may be read with pleasure as well as profit; but, nevertheless, common consent has denied them a place among the authors who are studied for form. Nay, Aristotle himself can only be called a classical author with doubtful propriety, though his greatness secures him a place in every treatment, even purely literary, of his age. I therefore felt justified in excluding them all, save A ristotle, from a book intended for younger students, though admitting exceptionally a few poets of the later age. Those who desire to pursue the fortunes of Greek Literature to its close may turn either to the excellent skeleton sketch in Mr. Jebb sP rimer, or to the third and fourth volumes of Nicolai sL iteratur-G eschichtc. I ndeed, the third volume of Miiller sH istory (by Donaldson) is quite sufficient for any but very special students. The order in which the authors are placed has been adopted after careful consideration, and differs frequently from that of other books. I will not say that it is the best, but will claim the liberty of treating writers of the same epoch in the way which I find most convenient and suggestive. The method of separating the poetry from the pro se is now generally adopted by the Germans.
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