Recent Excavations in the Roman Forum, 1898-1905...


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Author  E. Burton Brown
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
Pages  264

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Forum from 1898 to 1905, and of the light they have thrown upon the religion and history of the Romans, and through these upon the character of the people. As far as possible well-known facts contained in the many previous books upon the Forum have been omitted, but the monuments not recently excagated have been noticed in their place, in order to make the book, as a handbook, complete in itself. I ts arrangement is that by which a visitor may best see the Forum without passing over the same ground twice. It is hoped that the account may also interest those in England and America who care for things classic and historical. The finely conceived and exhaustive researches of Comm. Boni in the valley where the whole life of Rome centred have been rich in results of the greatest significance and importance. Rome, December, 1903. London, December,
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