Educational Progress in Greece During the Minoan...


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Author  Dwight Grafton Burrage
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 22, 2012
Pages  80

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The subject, Educational Progress in Greece during theM inoan, Mycenaean, and Lyric Periods, was suggested by the theme which the writer had taken for his masters thesis, Homeric Education. At first the plan was to include in the larger work the earlier paper, rewritten and adapted to its position as a part of a greater whole; but the decision was finally made to have the doctors thesis cover only new ground, though an hiatus might be left in the description of the chronological development of education in early Greece. Consequently we shall pass somewhat abruptly from theM ycenaean to theL yric period. A definite date had to be selected, down to which we should carry our investigation. 525 B. C. was adopted, not because it marks the end of the production of lyric poetry by any means, but because Pindar and A eschylus, who belong to the new age, were born about this time. Tragedy too was now coming into existence and was to be the most characteristic form of poetry in the fifth century. A gain the object of our study is to trace the development of education in the early time, before Greece had made her great achievements along the line of government, learning and aesthetics. In the last years of the sixth century Greece was already emerging from obscurity and rapidly taking the position that she was to maintain in the next two and a half centuries. We wish to confine ourselves to the early days of the development of Greek education, a field for which there is little contemporary evidence, but which is attractive on account of the freshness, simplicity, and freedom from convention that mark the age. We are greatly indebted toP rovost James T. Lees of the University of Nebraska for inspiration and for guidance in our preparation of this thesis. His suggestions have been very valuable in shaping the work as a whole and likewise in the matter of details. We glad
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