Sidon, Studies Study IV


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Author  Frederick Carl Eiselen Ph. I)
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  190

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The Mediterranean Sea is the natural meeting place of the various influences that have proceeded from three continents. The life of those cities that have taken a prominent part in developing the countries on its littoral must always be of interest to the student of history. Each city mirrors not only the general influences that were at work, but adds thereto its special quota of peculiar force. The role played by the Phoenicians, during the generations of their power and influence, as mediators between conflicting interests gives to their history a certain attraction. One of the chief centres of their power was the city of Sidon, and in the present volume of the -C olumbia University Oriental Series, Dr. F. C. Eiselen has studied the history of that city from the earliest times down to the present day. For this purpose he has gathered together the various references to be found regarding Sidon upon Assyrian andE gyptian monuments, inH ebrew literature, in the classical authors, in the records of pilgrims and in the historical works of Mohammedan writers. On account of the nature of the sources, his account of the life ,of the city must at times be disconnected. Future excavations will undoubtedly enrich our knowledge in regard to Sidon, and the discovery of ancient documents written by neighboring peoples will fill up many of the gaps. As far as our knowledge reaches at present, Dr. Eiselen has carefully brought together all that is to be found, and has laid down the general lines of development along which the city passed, first to its glory and then to its decline. Richard Gottheil. -A pril, 1907.
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