A Pilgrimage to Egypt, Embracing a Diary...


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Author  Jerome Van Crowninshield Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 17, 2012
Pages  422

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An essential part of this volume, which embraces extracts from a diary, has been detached from a manuscript on Pal-. estine, soon to be published, because it relates particularly toE gypt, while the other refers to sections of Asia Minor. It was, therefore, thought advisable to separate them. Minute antiquarian researches have not been introduced, from the circumstance that every work that has been written, of late, upon that extraordinary country, abounds with particular details in regard to length, breadth, and height. Facts of this nature have been laid aside by themselves, to be used when occasion may require. Very many incidents might have been chronicled, of every-day occurrence, that were omitted, on account of their strangeness: they were so much at variance with the usages and. customs of Christian communities, that it is only by personally seeing and hearing that they could be understood. The difference between the institutions of aM ohammedan country and our own is very striking.
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