Legends of Ancient Rome from Livy


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Author  Herbert Wilkinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  120

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This selection has been compiled for the use of boys who could make out an easy passage of such an author as Caesar, but would be stopped by long ordifficult sentences. It is hoped that the passages will be found, at any rate in the earlier part of the book, to be of progressive difficulty. The attempt to attain this end has led to the omission of some legends of the kings which could not have been made easy enough without much alteration of the text. As this would have left them not Livy s, but something very inferior, it was thought better to omit them altogether. The text has been simplified mainly by omissions, which have sometimes been large. Moral and political reflections, and many rhetorical passages, have been left out bodily. Elaborate periods have been omitted, or, where they contained matter essential to the story, broken up. In one or two places the order of words has been simplified where it seemed likely to offer needless difficulty to young boys.
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