Guide to the Eastern Mediterranean


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Author  Inc. Macmillan
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 15, 2012
Pages  326

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Modem guidebooks have grown so large, that to use them with intelligence and advantage necessitates a preliminary study which requires more time than the average traveller has at his disposal. This series will be smaller in bulk, and consequently cheaper in price, than other well-known guidebooks. Wliile all necessary practical information has been given in the briefest possible form, special attention has been paid to the historical, archaeological, and artistic features of the countries to which the books relate. Special pains have been taken to have the maps and plans accurate and up-to-date. At the end of the portion of the volume relating to each country, contained therein will be found a bibliography, to enable the student to supplement the information contained in this guide-book, or to continue his studies should he have the time and inclination to do so. But all the essential facts, both for his material comfort and intellectual enjoyment of the scenes visited, are, we believe, contained within the covers of each book in this series. The text is anonymous, but each portion is written by a qualified and competent author, familiar not only with the country visited, but with its art, history, and antiquities. Prefixed to each volume will be found a list of Hotels alphabetically arranged under the names of the towns in which the hotels are to be found ;some notes for yachtsmen and sportsmen, by a sailor who knows the shores of tlie Mediterranean as few men know them, aiT auged in geographical sequence and accompanied by a list of Lloyd sagents ;and, in some of the volumes, essays by well-known writers of authority on subjects of peculiar interest in connection with the country to which the volume relates.
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