A Thousand Miles Up the Nile


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Author  Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  524

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Un voyage en Egypte, cest une partied nes et une promenade en bateau entremfi Wes de ruines. A mpre. Ampere has put Egypt in an epigram. A donkey-ride and a boating-trip interspersed with ruins does, in fact, sum up in a single line the whole experience of the Nile traveller. A propos of these three things the donkeys, the boat, and the ruins it may be said that a good English saddle and a comfortable dahabeeyah add very considerably to the pleasure of the journey; and that the more one knows about the past history of the country, the more one enjoys the ruins. Of the comparative merits of wooden boats, iron boats, and steamers, I am not qualified to speak. We, however, saw one iron dahabeeyah aground upon a sandbank, where, as we afterwards learned, it remained for three weeks. We also saw the wrecks of three steamers between Cairo and the First Cataract. It certainly seemed to us that the old-fashioned wooden dahabeeyah flat-bottomed, drawing little water, light in hand, and easily poled off when stuck was the one vessel best constructed for the navigation of the Nile. Other considerations, as time and cost, are, of course, involved in this question. The choice between dahabeeyah and steamer is like the choice between travelling with post-horses and travelling by rail.
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