The History of Greece, from Its Conquest... (Book published June


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Author  George Finlay
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 17, 2012
Pages  560

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This work is an attempt to fill up a vacancy in English literature. It may, perhaps, form a useful supplementary volume to the work of Gibbon, until something more worthy to be placed beside the writings of the great historian shall replace it. The author has found it impossible to follow rigidly any fixed system in the orthography of Greek names. Our best authorities do not agree in their mode of Meriting them. Had a fixed rule been generally adopted, it would have been conformed to in this work. The names of the emperors ofT rebizond are always written in their Greek form, as a convenient mode of distinguishing them from theB yzantine sovereigns. Other names are given in their English, Latin, or semi-G reek form, as accident may appear to render most suitable. A desire to avoid both confusion and singularity, has made etymology yield to sound in one case and given sound a preference over etymology in another. A thens, June
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