The History of the Anglo-Saxons, Vol. 1...


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Author  Sharon Turner
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 18, 2012
Pages  618

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A nglo-S axon MSS. and other ancient books. The valuable information thus obtained the author endeavoured to give to the public, in a readable form, in this work, of which twothirds have not appeared in English history before. His favourite desire has been fulfilled a taste for the history and remains of our Great Ancestors has revived, and is visibly increasing. Many writers have since followed in the same path. Their publications have spread the useful taste, and contributed to obtain for our venerable forefathers the attention of their enlightened posterity. To gratify more fully this patriotic curiosity, some additional portions of original matter, from tlie A nglo-S axon remains, have been inserted in the present edition. The mostimportant of these consist of the following additions: Ox reading our Alfred sA nglo-S axon translation of Boetius, the author observed passages which were not in the original. -S truck with this curious fact, he compared the kings work carefully with theL atin of Boetius, and found that Alfred had frequently taken occasion to insert his own thoughts and reasonings in various parts, forming so many little essays, dialogues, and imitated tales of our venerable sovereigns own composition.
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