India As Known to the Ancient World


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Author  Gauranga Nath Banerjee
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  88

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The object of this little book is to offer a survey of the remarkable civilisation which arose in ancient India thousands of years ago and which influenced not only the manners, religion and customs of the people of theM alaya Archipelago and I ndo-C hina, but gave also a thin veneer of culture to the nomads of Central Asiatic steppes, through her commercial enterprise and religious propaganda. Now, civilisation is the outcome of reciprocal action and reaction :nations both giving and taking. Such a result is but to be expected whenS tates come into contact with one another, when they acquire knowledge and intimacy of one anothers institutions and are thus able to recognise ERRATA Insert at the foot of pp. 2and 3, Robert son- Disquisition. Page 11. 11 for Gen. XXXVIII read Gen. XXXVII Pace 21. 9far Seignobos read Robertson. Page 13 (foot-note)or Mangalore read Cranganore. ,v XIJL Maun, iiictv acquire eumire irom tne vanquished ;or, without the subjection of a people, assimilation of culture may come about through the unconscious adoption of customs and modes of thought. Throughout the earliest career of man inC entral andS outhern A sia, it is to India that we must turn as the dominant power by the sheer weight of its superior civilisation.
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