The Ancient Greek Historians


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Author  J. B. Bury
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 13, 2012
Pages  304

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This volume consists of theL aneL ectures which I had the honour of delivering at Harvard University in spring 1908, under the auspices of the Classical Department. They are printed very nearly as they were originally written, though some of my kind hearers, if they should glance through, may detect a good many passages which were omitted in theL ecture Hall. The book amounts to a historical survey of Greek historiography, down to the first century B.C., and such as it is, I dedicate it toM r. Gardiner M. Lane, who founded the lecturership some years ago in the interests of humanistic study. The lecture on Herodotus would have gained much if Mr. Macau sadmirable work on the last three Books had appeared in time for me to use it. It was satisfactory to find that he had established the priority of those Books with a convincing array of arguments. I have inconsistently included his edition of vii.-ix.
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