The of the Province of Sicily/


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Author  Elsie Safford Jenison
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 13, 2012
Pages  132

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The value of an authors treatment of an historical question must depend largely on the character of his sources. In the following discussion of the history of the province of Sicily, the aim has been to use only material which applies strictly to Sicily, and as a rule no attempt has been made to fill in the picture with material which relates primarily to Italy or toG reece, but might with a considerable degree of probability be applied to Sicily. In the very few instances where such material has been used, it has been where the facts in question were undoubtedly paralleled in the island. The historic background of this province has been treated purely from the economic and cultural points of view. The narrative of political events in Greek Sicily has already been treated so adequately in the weighty volumes ofF reeman and Holm as to make its further delineation superfluous. But the social and economic phases of this period, because they exerted a strong influence on the province of the Roman period, are brought under consideration in this essay, although they may be found in the works of these modern authors. An understanding of the importance of the agricultural activities is an essential preface to the work. The sources for the earlier colonization and development of the island are the Greek historians, Herodotus and Thucydides.1 Of Sicily in the period of the Roman conquest Theocritus gives a vivid and charming picture. Allowance must be made, however, for the idyllic character of his work. Sicilian slaves and rustics were doubtless never all so carefree and fortunate as Theocritus paints them. Yet 1H erodotus, VII, 155-162; Thucydides, VI, 3-5.
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