Studies in Greek Tragedy


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Author  Louise Ernestine Howard
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  238

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Tragic Spirit. Though the plays analysed have been selected somewhat at haphazard, there are definite general principles which underlie them, and, indeed, every true example of the tragic art. Every true tragedy turns on a conflict, whether it be a merely personal rivalry between one man and another, or a conflict on a grander scale, a struggle between opposing principles. Greek tragedy must always be peculiarly arresting, because the Greek tragedians combined in a curiously subtle way a conflict of persons with a conflict of principles. They present situations in which there is a tremendous conflict of personality and at the same time a much vaster conflict of principle. In each case I have devoted myself to analysing this conflict of principle, and I have mostly left to the readers own insight the estimation of the rival characters. These conflicts of principle or of hostile forces are clear, though they are not obvious ;I believe them to be there, in each case essentially as I have analysed them, though I do not insist that the authors themselves consciously set out to describe them.
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