The Early History of Syria and Palestine...


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Author  Lewis Bayles Paton
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  358

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In ancient Babylonian usageS uri, from which our nameS yria is derived, meant Northern Mesopotamia and the adjacent districts of the Armenian and Taurus mountain chains. In Greek andR oman times it was limited eastward and northward and was extended southward, so that it came to denote the region between the Taurus, theE uphrates, theS yrian Desert, Egypt, and theM editerranean. This application of the name has become traditional, but it does not commend itself to the historian of the ancient Orient. From time immemorial the northern half of this region has been peopled by different races from the southern half, and politically the two divisions have been independent until comparatively recently. For these reasons it is advisable to limit the nameS yria to the territory between the Taurus and Mount Hermon, and to apply to the remaining portion of theE astM editerranean coast the name of Palestine. This name is due to a late Greek extension of the meaning of Philistia ;we have, however, no ancient designation that covers the region so precisely.
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