The Tragedy of the Pyramids, a Romance of...


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Author  Douglas Sladen
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 15, 2012
Pages  464

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The fact that I have written a novel on the coming revolution in Egypt, simultaneously with Mr. Hall Caine, is not due to accident. I had, before he began the serial publication of theW hite Prophet, written about half a novel inspired by the humours of travel in Egypt. But when I had read the first two instalments of theW hite Prophet I felt constrained to put aside what I had written, and write a counterblast toM r. Hall Caine. I read no more of his book until I had finished mine. The Tragedy of the Pyramids is, therefore, a counterblast, not an answer, to his. It is my idea of the form a revolution in Egypt will assume, if theE gyptian Nationalist ever takes his courage in both hands. He will not do so unless theB ritish Government and its Representative in Egypt are incredibly foohsh, because, since the success of theY oung Turk, there is no present chance of the agitation against theB ritish in Egypt being Pan-I slamic. The dangerous element in theE gyptian NationaU st movement during the past few years has been Mohammedan fanaticism. While the oldS ultan and the Reactionary Party were in power inT urkey, theN ationalists hoped to put all the forces of I slam inN orth Africa in motion against Great Britain. But when the chief rehgious and chief political authorities at Constantinople proclaimed that Great Britain was the friend of liberty and the friend of I slam, and that theB ritish rule in Egypt had given Young Turkey its ideals, the chief motive force of theE gyptian Nationalist conspiracy was gone.
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