A Times to the Death of Alexander the Great...


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Author  C. W. C. Oman
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  576

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Fsos time to time I faare found it necdssuy to rewrite pottiaDB of this book, in order to keep it brc st with modem diaoovmes. In the second edition son pages had to be moie or less recast, in consequence ot the appeannoeof tike noX cma rwr AM ir in I vdU Many small changes have been made since then, and this year I have thooght it well to reconstruct the whole of Chapter tl., which deals with the origins of the Greek nationality. A rchseological evidence on the prehistoric days of the A ean lands has been accumulating so fast of late, thit the whole section required revision. The excavations of Mr. A. J. Evans inC rete were enough by themselves to cause the introduction of several new parajraphs. I owe to his courtesy, and that of theS ociety for Hellenic Studies, the permission to insert three drawings, giving 8})ociiuons of the archaic Cretan inscriptions which have fortnod not the least important part of his wonderful finds at Onossus. I have also made appreciable changes in my narrativus of some of the battles of the fifth century B.C., mainly in consequence of reading the very interesting monographs of Mr. Grundy, to whom I must express my gratitude. It will be noted that in this new edition I have iimortod some scores of illustrations.
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