The American in Egypt, With Rambles Through...


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Author  James Ewing Cooley
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 12, 2012
Pages  694

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The greatest care is taken in soleciinfj the works of which this collection is composed. Each volume 13 printed on the finest paper, elegantly ornamented, and bound in a superior manner, and uniform in size. Bishop Doane says of this collection, I write to express my thanks to you for reprints of theO xford Hooks ;first, for such books, and secontlly, in such a style. I sincerely hope you may be encourayed to (jo on, and give them all to us. Vou will dijnify the art of priutiuR, and you will do great service to the best interests of the country. In a letter received from Bishop Whittingham, ho says, I had forgotten to state my rt-ry i:riat satisfartion at your commencement of a series of i)evotional Works, lately re( ublished in Oxford. I hc publishers beg to state, while in so short a time theL ibrar has increased to so many volumes, they are encouraged to make yet larger additions, and carneiiljy hope it may receive all the cucouragenient it deserves. The following volumes have already appeared :iiii: i:A i:i.v ENGLISH (iinicir, OR CH KI Sr 1A NHI ST OR VOF ENGLAND I.V EARLT nR lTISH, SAXON, A.ND NORMA.V TIMES. BY THE REV. EI)W.RD CHL RTON, M. A. WITH A PREFACE BV THK RIOHT REV. BISHOP IVCS 1vol. UJ ino., elegantly ornamented. Ilia fellnwina Hrli;htfiil fM rplaea )rore usome oT the choin-it exanrn1e both clerical ami lay ..f!. (M.V E.NGUSH CliL KtJ fl. In trmli, ilie opaji-s ar -cr rluilv will find that ihcitf noL -roumlalinnil o( cliariH 111 viS i th-v hnvf bern urcusioined to ascribe to lli !f pra -tlsi-il upon by the art of |in -iiinfrr ihe warm iiii|iules of tliat ii,.., .,.. ,,,.a..- ., iT of Christ i love made hi early followers uch lie vet Chri uan men fullv recognised their high vornM -i. -(I -), liv duiidrr the abiding conviction, that -I- !blooil of Christ, we are bound to ti .irifv liiiii ll -re, too, our rierjry may learn a le.ssM ii ofT if val
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