The Origin of Tragedy


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Author  William Ridgeway
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 17, 2012
Pages  244

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Origin ofT ragedy universally accepted, I have tried to obtain the true solution of the problem by approaching it from the anthropological standpoint. The general theory here advanced that Tragedy originated in the worship of the dead was first put forward in a lecture before theS ociety for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies in 1904, summaries of which were printed in the Proceedings of thatS ociety and in the Athenaeum (1904, p. 660). It also appeared in a fuller form in the Quarterly Review (O ct. 1908). The first section of Chapter I. in the present work is an expansion of that article, and for permission to use this I have to thank Mr John Murray and Mr G. W. Prothero. The section on theE umenides inC hapter IV. was published in the Classical Review (1907, pp. 163-8), whilst that on theS upplices of Aeschylus was printed in the Cambridge Greek Praelections (1906), but each of these has been altered in various details. The subject-matter of the whole work formed the material for a course of lectures which I delivered in my capacity as Brereton Reader inC lassics in theL ent Term, 1908. It only remains for me to offer my best thanks to those who have aided me in various ways. I am indebted to my friends Dr and Mrs Seligmann for permission to print their account of aV edda dramatic performance and for the photograph reproduced in Fig. 12 (p. 103); toM rA. J. B. Wace, M.A., Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, for his account of the Carnival Play inN orthern Greece; toM rW.
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