A History of Greek and Roman Classical Literature...


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Author  A. A. Louage
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 14, 2012
Pages  222

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A viNa to teach the class of ancient literature at the University of Notre-D ame, I in vain looked for a text-book for my pupils and for myself, and could not find any thing which would answer either my purpose, or the programme, such as I had conceived it. I found, among the books composing the classical department of the library, two volumes, in octavo, by E. W. Browne, on Greek andE oman classical literature. This work, which is deserving of much praise, was too extensive, and not systematic enough, in order to be given as a text-book. The Classical Dictionary of A nthon, and the one of Lempriere, both works of much erudition, would not answer my purpose either.
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