History of the Later Roman Commonwealth, from...


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Author  Thomas Arnold
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 15, 2012
Pages  486

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Caesar was fully aware of the importance of pursuing chap. Pompey, as he knew that the whole cause of the IX- tC ommonwealth depended on him alone, and that if tj.695 he were once removed, his partisans would instantly aR% be divided, and probably only a small portion ofto44, them would be inclined to continue the contest, sues PomA ccordingly, while M. Antonius led the greater partpey of the victorious army back to Brundisium Caesar himself crossed by the Hellespont into A sia, and by the fame of his arrival dissipated an assemblage of 1C icero, Philippic. II. 24. Caesar, III. 105, 106. VOL. II.
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