From Homer to Theocritus


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Author  Edward Capps
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  506

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This volume aims to present a concise but complete survey of the Greek literature of the classical period, extended so as to include the two branches of poetry, theN ew Comedy and the I dyll, which were brought to perfection after the overthrow of Greek liberty by A lexander. I have tried, so far as space would permit, to place in their proper setting each branch of literature and each author, keeping constantly in mind the course of development of the literature as a whole. Selections from representative English translations are quoted in connection with the principal authors, more extensively for the poets than for the writers of prose. It is hoped that this feature of the book will be found acceptable, both to the general reader who has not the time, even if he has the training and equipment, for comprehensive readings in the Greek texts, and to the average student whose attainments in Greek are not sufficiently extensive to furnish an adequate background for the most profitable study of the ordinary manuals. In the choice of selections I have been guided mainly by my own judgment of the merits of existing translations, so far as they were known or accessible to me; but the determining consideration in many instances has been the accessibility of a translation to the general public. The present edition is almost one-half larger than the first edition, issued in 1900.
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