From the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Western...


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Author  George Rawlinson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 13, 2012
Pages  530

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Biblical text, concerning the making of many books, a fourteenth century commentator declared most positively that the only books which might be read without harmful results are the bokis of hooli scripture and other bokis that ben needful to the understanding of hooli scripture. Solomon and our mediaeval sage would scarcely have cause to reverse their opinion if they had to pass judgment on the bulk of modern publications. To-day superficiality and sensation reign supreme, and the classics of literature are barely circulated. The classics are largely relegated to the shelves of public libraries, which are obviously only accessible to a small proportion of readers. There has been an effort, of late, to supply the reading public with various encyclopaedias of literature, which, so far as the literary selections are concerned, bring to mind the grumblers comment on his dinner, It sall very well as far as it goes, and theres a good deal of it, too, such as it is. These encyclopaedias are in the nature of anthologies, and, while they may be very useful as literary scrap-books, they fail to satisfy those who wish to possess the classics in their entirety. The projectors of the present series of books have made it possible for readers to possess a carefully selected library of the worlds great classics. The publishers of this series have no desire to pose as educational philanthropists. They claim, however, that the publication of these classics will certainly tend to increase the reading of the best books of all time.
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