The Latins in the Levant


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Author  William Miller
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 17, 2012
Pages  704

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Professor Krumbacher says in hisH istory of Byzantine Literature, that, when he announced his intention of devoting himself to that subject, one of his classical friends solemnly remonstrated with him, on the ground that there could be nothing of interest in a period when the Greek preposition a-TT ogoverned the accusative instead of the genitive case. I am afraid that many people are of the opinion of that orthodox grammarian. There has long prevailed in some quarters an idea that, from the time of the Roman Conquest in 146 B.C. to the day when Archbishop Germanos raised the standard of Independence at Kalavryta in 1821, the annals of Greece were practically a blank, and that that country thus enjoyed for nearly twenty centuries that form of happiness which consists in having no history. Forty years ago there was, perhaps, some excuse for this theory: but the case is very different now. The great cemeteries of mediaeval Greece I mean the Archives of Venice, Naples, Palermo, and Barcelona have given up their dead.
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