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Author  John Frost
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 12, 2012
Pages  370

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General History has been said to resemble a map of the world. It shows the comparative importance and the various relations of the different parts of history to each other, as the map presents to the eye the relative positions and extent of the various countries in the world, and presents in a single view the result of numberless researches continued through many ages. A Pictorial History has the additional advantage of displaying the various characters, costumes, events, and places which have become celebrated in the course of time, and imprinting them strongly on the readers memory. It has been my purpose in the present work to fulfil these objects as completely as the limits, originally proposed, would permit. In accomplishing this task, I have had recourse to the works of the best historical writers and artists within my reach. In preparing the history of Egypt, I have availed myself of the recent discoveries of Champollion and his disciples, which have thrown great light upon the early ages of the world, and afforded additional confirmation to the records of theS acred Scriptures. In the Grecian history my principal guide has been the learned and accomplished Thirlwall, whose history of Greece is undoubtedly the best which has appeared. Niebuhr and Arnold have been my chief authorities in the Roman history, their bold and startling revelations respecting the early Roman traditions having received, for the most part, the sanction of the reading world.
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