Pre-Historic Nations


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Author  John D. Baldwin
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 13, 2012
Pages  424

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HiSTOR ic NATIONS. INTRODUCTORY GENERALITIES. THE origin of man, and the date of liis first appearance on earth, have always been subjects of speculation. We see this in the cosmogonic myths and legends of antiquity, and in the dogmatic chronologies that have been allowed currency in modern times; but, so far as we know, it is only in very recent times that visionary speculation on these topics has given way to enlightened inquiry. The cyclical schemes of the ancient Eastern world, which computed by tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands the years of mans existence on earth previous to the regular beginnings of history, may be treated with small ceremony now; but they are quite as scientific as Archbishop Usher sscheme of chronology, for the men who invented them were skilful astronomers; and whoever undertakes to show that they are not quite as reasonable, may discover that something can be said on the other side of this question. These cyclical estimates of the past may turn out to be as near the truth as Usher ssystem of chronology, but neither the one nor the other can now be accepted as an intelligent and truthful exposition of the antiquity of the human race.
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