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Author  A. H. L. Heeren
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 14, 2012
Pages  450

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The history of ancient Egypt is in a particular manner connected with its monuments. It is only since these have become better known, and have been more closely examined, that a clearer light had begun to spread over the nation that erected them. A history, however, founded upon monuments, or rather blended with them, must in many respects assume a different character from those compiled from written authorities. Now, although I do not profess to give in the following researches a proper history of Egypt, yet as they are wholly upon historical subjects, and are in the most intimate manner connected with history, a farther exposition of the peculiarity of such a history can be nowhere more in place than here; where indeed it seems required for the information of those whose notions are not very clear upon the subject. The monuments which here come under consideration are principally monuments of architecture, to which sculptures and inscriptions, though they more or less ornament them, only appear as subordinate.
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