Cicero and the Fall of the Roman Republic...


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Author  J. L. Strachan-Davidson
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 12, 2012
Pages  506

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Cicero than of |any other person fthe ancient !l world, and almost Wn proportion to the knowledge ls the controversy of opiniors concerning lim. I formerly attempted a discussion of some disputed points in Os| articles in the Quarterly Reviexv (i 879 and 1880) on the writings of Mr. Froud.e and Mr. Beesley. Some paragraphs from these articles are incorporated in the present volume. Here, however, my business is not to criticise but to narrate, and I have refrained even from the confutation of Drumann, with whose utterances I find myself at issue on almost every page. In writing Roman history it is impossible to escape from the influence of the genius of Mommsen. Sometimes by suggestion, sometimes by repulsion, his presence is always felt. I have likewise more especially to acknowledge the aid which I have received from the comments ofT yrrell and Purser, of Boissier, and of Watson. As a lecturer, constantly using Mr. Watson sL etters of Cicero for my text-book, I naturally appropriate the result of his labours, and cannot always clearly distinguish how much of my material is borrowed from him.
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