The History of Israel, Vol. 3


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Author  Heinrich Ewald
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  368

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The Editor desires to express his great obligations to those friends who have kindly assisted him by placing passages of translation (amounting to nearly half the present issue) at his disposal, and permitting him to make such changes as seemed necessary to secure some approximate unity of manner. Only those, perhaps, who are acquainted with the intricacies of Professor Ewald sstyle, will appreciate the difficulties of this task. The section on the Progress of Science, Poetry, and Literature underS olomon (vol. iii. pp. 274-286) has been contributed by Dr. Nicholson of Penrith. The Editor also gladly avails himself of this opportunity to render his most grateful acknowledgments toR ussell Martineau, Esq., M.A., whose counsel and aid have been rendered the more valuable by the readiness with which they have invariably been given. To him is due, in particular, the verification of numerous references which were inaccessible to theE ditor. Leeds :S eptember 1871. I fOTJS TO THE SECOND EDITION OF VOLS. IIL dt IV. The Translatioii contained in these volnmes has been oarefolly revised by Mr. Francis H. Jones, B.A., whose diligent semtiny and exact knowledge have removed many inaccnraoies, and brought theE nglish rendering into completer harmony with the spirit of the original work. Since the first edition was pabH shed, Prof. Ewald svolume on Antiquities of Israel (A ltertkumer), so frequently referred to in the notes, has been brought within reach of theE nglish reader in a translation by Mr. H. S. Solly, M.A. As the paging of the original is given in the margin of the translation the references will serve for either. In the Prophets of theO ld Testament the references to theE nglish translation by Mr. J. F. Smith, now in course of publication, are added in square brackets so far as it has yet appeared.
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