Boat Life in Egypt and Nubia


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Author  William Cowper Prime
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 12, 2012
Pages  506

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In the summer of 1855 I left America for !K gypt The immediate object which I had in view was the prosecution of a favorite study. The kindness of mj respected and distinguished friend, Joseph Henry, LL.I)., of theS mithsonian I nstitute, and other gentlemen occupying positions in the service of the Government at Washington, provided me with such introdu3tions as enabled me to prosecute my explorations in Egypt with satisfactory success, while the accomplished scholarship of my companion, J. Hammond Trumbull, Esq., of Hartford, not only contributed to this success, but added more than I can tell to the pleasure of the voyage. The results of my studies are but hinted at in these pages, which are devoted almost exclusively to incidents of travel along theN ile. The dreams of childhood realized, the hopes of early manhood fully accomplished, I returned home with stories of travel for ears which, alas the day! were closed to my voice by the solemn seal of death.
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