Appian's Roman History, Vol. 1 of 4


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Author  Of Alexandria Appianus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  670

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Thr historian 4pp] was a native of A lexandria, Egypt. All that we know about him as an individual is gleaned from his own writings and from the letters ofF ronto, the tutor of Marcus A urelius, It is supposed that he was bom about a.d. 95 and that he died about a.d. 165. A fragment of his works found in recent years speaks ca war against the Jews in Egypt in which he had an adventure. This was probably the war waged by theE mperor Trajan to suppress the Jewish insurrection in that country, A.D. 116. In the preface to his history he says that he reached a high station in his own country and afterwards became a pleader of causes in the court of the emperors at Rome (probably as advocatug fisci) until he was appointed procurator by them. In order to be qualified for tJ ie latter office he must have been a Roman citizen ofequestrim rank. The time of writing the preface is indicated as 900 years from the founding of the xity, which would be during the reign of Antoninus Pius.
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