History of the Later Roman Commonwealth, from...


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Author  Thomas Arnold
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 16, 2012
Pages  556

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This Volume contains a republication of the portion of Roman History contributed by Dr. Arnold to theE ncyclopedia Metropolitana, between the years 1823 and 1827. It is scarcely necessary to resaafk,that if A m. lfe 4iad been prolonged, his great growth iri Hpowtedgesutid ability would have given a new character anS liiuicfiL higher value to this portion of the History of fU ymA tri believed that these Articles form a valuable part of our literature, and are not unworthy of accompanying those Volumes, which were the fruit of matured years. They will carry on the reader through a long and important era, from the close of theS econd Punic War to the final establishment of theE mpire under A ugustus, and will furnish him with a consecutive narrative of the events of this period. The text is such as the Author left it, with the exception that a few trifling inaccuracies of detail have been corrected. What seemed to be errors of a more general character have been untouched. Some, and amongst them, those respecting the Agrarian laws, will be found corrected in Dr.
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