The American in Egypt, With Rambles Through...


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Author  James Ewing Cooley
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  682

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Churchmans Library. MEDITATIONS ON THE SACRAMENT. GODLY MEDITATIONS UPON THE MOST HOLY SACRA- MENT OF THE LORDS SUPPER. BY CHRISTOPHER SUTTON, D.D. LATE PREBEND OF WESTMINSTER. 1vol. royal 16mo., elegjjitly ornamented. We announced in our.last number the republication in this country, of Sutton sM editations on theL ords Supper, and having since read the work, are prepared to recommend li warmly and without qualification lo the perusal of our readers. It is purely practical; the doctrine of theE ucharis-t being touched upon only in so far as was necessary to guard against error. I ts standard of piety is very high, and the helps which it affords to a devout participation of the holy sacrament of which it treats, should make it the inseparable companion of every communicant. We know indeed of no work on the subject that can in all respects be compared with it; and for its agency in promoting that advancement in holiness after which every Christian should strive, have no hesitation in classmg it with the Treatise on Holy Living and Dying, of Bishop Taylor, and theS acra Privata of Bishop Wilson. The period at which the book was written will account for, and excuse, what in the present age would be regarded as defects of style ;but these are fewer than might have been expected, and are soon lost sight of in the contemplation of the many and great excellencies with which it abounds. The publishers have done good service to the country in the publication of this work, which is a beautiful reprint of theO xford edition, and we are glad to learn that it will be speedily, followed by theD isce Vivere and Disce Mori of the sap author. Banner of the Cross. LEARN TO DIE. DISCE MORI, LEARN TO DIE .A Religious Discourse, moving every Christian man to enter into a serious Remembrance of his End. BY CHRISTOPHER SUTTON, D.D., LATE PREBEND OF WESTMINSTER. 1vol. 16mo., elegan
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