A Short History of Greek Literature from Homer...


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Author  Wilmer Cave
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 10, 2012
Pages  550

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The writer of a survey of Greek literature so brief as this feels throughout the task the lack of elbow-room, and must always be acutely conscious of omissions. I have kept constantly in mind the reader who, though little or not at all acquainted with the classics, realizes that he cannot appreciate any other literature, least of all his own, unless he can relate its masterpieces to the types set, once for all, by the Greeks. He may safely ignore all but the best. But this book is intended, no less, for the student of Greek who, in his second or third year at college, will profit immensely by a rapid survey of the whole field of Greek literature. For him every part of that whole becomes significant, and for his sake the tribe of Euphorion or the declaimers must often usurp space that, if one followed the mere sense of proportion, is due to the creative writers. Of the prose writers, Julian sis the latest name formally treated, but, in order to include Musaeus and the later epic, I have carried down the sketch of Graeco-R oman poetry to the sixth century. In the matter of the spelling of names I have not striven for a consistency that scholars continue to abhor.
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