The Seven Wonders of the World, With Their Associations...


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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 10, 2012
Pages  338

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A lthouoie llio popularity of tlie present volame has given the publishers little reason to be dissatisfied, still it lias been thought advisable to re-model the whole, and not only to make many corrections in the style of diction, but to introduce numerous additional illustrations from the best and most recent sources. The work may, indeed, be almost looked upon as a new publication, and, it is hoped, as a not unuseful contribution to the manuals of art which are so essential in teaching the first rules of correct taste, and in enabling us to distinguish accurately between the styles adopte at diflerent times, and by different nations. It is much, however, to be regretted, that our real information as to these seven wonders, which have, probably from a taste for the mysticism of the number seven, been set forth by the concurrent voice of history as the specimens, par excellence, of what the ancients could achieve, should be so limited as it is.
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