To-Day on the Nile


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Author  Harry Westbrook Dunning
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 14, 2012
Pages  350

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Majty motives may bring the tourist toE gypt. But when he first sets foot on her shores, or rather even when his thoughts first turn thither, he feels that Egypt is something more than a mere health or pleasure resort. Egypt has a history longer and more interesting than any other land. And this history is not represented entirely by books written in a dead and unknown language, but has its tangible, almost living memorials of every epoch. There is also a non-traveling public whose knowledge of the world must be obtained from the accounts of others and whose interest and curiosity are aroused in anything strange or distant in space or time. Therefore the demand for descriptive works onE gypt has been large and has been ably met. The only excuse for adding to the existing literature must be either that the story is told in a new way or that recent discoveries are so incorporated in the newcomer that it displaces its predecessors. And to write such a book at a time when new material is daily being found and made available has some discouraging features. Even as I write these lines news comes of the finding of the tomb of Queen Tyi, imtouched by the spoiler, and doubtless a mine of information which will substitute fact for surmise and may overthrow the carefully built theoretical story of a most important period of Egyptian
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