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Author  H. R. Hall
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 9, 2012
Pages  758

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Near East within the limits of a single volume. Those who know the great works of Maspero and of Meyer will realize that in order to effect this great compression has been necessary, and will guess that many matters of great interest have had to be treated more cursorily than I would have wished. But, while writing as succinctly as possible, I have of set purpose refused to sacrifice too much on the altar of brevity, and have aspired to make the book readable as well as moderate in size. Of all regions of the earth probably theN ear East has had and will have the greatest interest for usE uropeans, for from it sprang our civilization and our religion. There took place the mingling of the I ndo-E uropean from theN orth with theM editerranean of theS outh, which produced the culture, art, and law of the Greeks andR omans; and there, on theS emitic verge of A sia, the home of religious enthusiasms from the beginning, arose the Christian Faith. And if theN ear East has from the first seen the mingling of the ideas of theE ast and West, it has also seen their secular struggle for mastery, the first phase of which ended atS alamis, when the A ryan invader made good his footing in theM editerranean world, and threw back the Asiatics from Greece, now become the most eastern of western lands instead of the most westerly of the eastern. The second phase ended with Arbela and the complete triumph of theW est. At the end of the third, Kossovopolje and Constantinople registered the return of the pendulum, which swung its weight from east to west as far as Vienna.
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