Greece and the Levant, Vol. 1 of 2


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Author  Richard Burgess
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 15, 2012
Pages  326

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Tour in Greece and theL evant has now but little chance of awakening any general interest, or of exciting the curiosity of the public. But, as travellers in theE astare daily becoming more numerous, the demand for such works as may contain any information upon the mode of travelling, the method of seeing the places and objects of interest comprised in a tour, c., is naturally on the increase. To visit the classic soil of Greece and cross the plains of Asia to see Constantinople, and travel through Turkey in Europe would have been considered, a few years ago, no ordinary undertaking, and few would have attempted such a tour without contemplating a long absence from home, and, perhaps, the incurring of some danger in the enterprise.
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