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Author  B. G. Niebuhr
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  434

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The Lectures on Ancient History here presented to theE nglish public, have been edited by Dr. Marcus Niebuhr, the son of the Historian, with the assistance of Mr. F. Spiro and Dr. I sler. They embrace the history of the ancient world, with the exception of that of Rome, down to the time when all the other nations and states of classical antiquity were absorbed by the empire of Rome, and when its history became, in point of fact, the history of the world. Hence the present course of Lectures, together with that on the History of Rome, form a complete course embracing the whole of ancient history. In the programme of the University of Bonn for the wintersession of 1829 and 30, Niebuhr himself announced these Lectures in the following terms: Historia aevi antiqui, eo ordine iisque limitibus qui in Justini libris servantur, which at once describe their extent and arrangement. The Lectures on Ancient History were twice delivered by Niebuhr, first during the summer of 1826, and a second time during the winter of 1829 and 30; but, owing to the fire which destroyed Niebuhr shouse in the night between the 5th and 6th ofF ebruary, 1830, the course of Lectures was interrupted, and Niebuhr completed it in the ensuing summer.
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