A Smaller Ancient History of the East, from...


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Author  Philip Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 10, 2012
Pages  322

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This is a book for the young, both in schools and families. It has a twofold purpose :to supply the learner with some information respecting theE astern Nations, with which he comes in contact while reading the histories of Greece andE ome: and to set before the general reader a brief account of the course of ancient civilization in its earliest seats. Besides this general piirpose, the book is specially designed to aid the study of theS criptures, by placing in their true historical relations those allusions toE gypt, A ssyria, Babylonia, Phoenicia, and theM edoP ersian Empire, which form the back-ground of the history of Israel from A braham toN ehemiah. The present work is an indispensable adjunct of theS mallerS cripture History; and the two have been written exjressly to be used together. The same authorities have been followed as in theS tudent sA ncient History of theE ast, of which, however, this book is far from being a mere abridgment. It has been written with the special view of interesting the young readers for whom it is intended. The form of narrative is kept almost entirely free from discussion :the latter will be found in the larger work by those who wish to pursue the study of the subject. The picturesque stories of the aneient writers are given side by side with the results of recent discoveries; and the distinction is indicated, in preference to an attempt to substitute the latter for the former. Such an attempt is premature, till we know far more than we do at present of the contemporary native records ;and the more SM. ANC. HIST.
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