Early Greek Philosophy


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Author  John Burnet
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 10, 2012
Pages  448

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It has been no easy task to revise this volume in such a way as to make it more worthy of the favour with which it has been received. Most of it has had to be rewritten in the light of certain discoveries made since the publication of the first edition, above all, that of the extracts fromM enons larptvo, which have furnished, as I believe, a clue to the history of Pythagoreanism. I trust that all other obligations are duly acknowledged in the proper place. It did not seem worth while to eliminate all traces of a certain youthful assurance which marked the first edition. I should not write now as I wrote at the age of twenty-five; but I still feel that the main contentions of the book were sound, so I have not tried to amend the style. The references to Zeller andR itter and Preller are adapted throughout to the latest editions. The Aristotelian commentators are referred to by the pages and verses of theB erlin Academy edition, andS tobaeus by those of Wachsmuth. J. B. St. A ndrews, 190S.
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