The Rose of Venus


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Author  Barry Haves
Publisher  Barry Haves Ltd
Publication Date   June 25, 2012
Pages  300


Old Eumelos is writing his memoirs in Rome, cared for by his faithful mistress Iris. But Iris isn't his true love, nor was his wife, the long dead Tyche. His true love was the mysterious Urania, who took his virginity at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, in Cyprus, when he was a youth. They didn't meet again for years, and when they did it was in an unexpected way. And they parted again in an unexpected way. But who or what was Urania, was she mortal or divine? And had his friendship with the early Christians brought down the wrath of the Olympian Gods on his family? He had great respect for Paul and Barnabas and their followers, but he thought they were misguided, for he knew that Aphrodite was his true deity - hadn't she sent Urania to love him, if only for a short time?

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