The Mysterious Sea Peoples attack Egypt


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Author  Taklit Mebarek
Publication Date   June 24, 2012
Pages  112


Around the 13th century BC, Egypt was attacked 2 times by the same enemy. The scale of these attacks was unprecedented and took place during the reign of Pharaoh Merneptah and later under that of Ramessess III. These attacks were the work of the mysterious "Sea Peoples" as the Egyptians called them.

Who were these mysterious Sea Peoples who tried to invade (and almost succeeded) the powerful Egypt around the 13th century BC? Only the Egyptian Annals mention these invaders because the Egyptians were the only ones who managed to defeat them. Indeed, the other major civilizations of that time were destroyed: Greece, Crete, Ugarit, Phoenica, Canaan, Syria...

Who were they? Where were they from? Why did they attack Egypt?

Egyptologists describe them as a coalition of various people originating from Europe, but a thorough reading of the ancient Egyptian texts provides us with a major surprise: the largest component of this coalition is made of... North Africans! Even the leader of this coalition is a Berber from North Africa called Meriai (a name still used today among the Tuaregs of the Sahara).

Why were there so many North Africans in this army yet they were supposed to be of European origin? Why did a North African king lead them? This book is based on a new objective reading of old Egyptian texts with some prominent Egyptologists giving critical analysis on the subject. The findings in this book give you all the answers to these questions.

The author notes that most of the Sea Peoples come from "Berberia". This is a vast region situated West of Egypt and inhabited by the Berbers. The latter had to escape the desertification of the Sahara… that is why they fled in search of new lands to settle in, and Egypt was near and rich...

This is a new reading of these invasions that changed the Ancient World for good.

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