History of Rome, from the Earliest Times...


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Author  Leonhard Schmitz
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  628

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It is a fact which can not but be surprising to every one who has at ail loolied into the subject, that, notwithstanding the extraordinary efforts which liave within the last thirty or forty years been made by great naen of ail countries ira investigating the History of Rome herC onstitution, Laws, Religion, Literature, andS ocial condition and notwithstanding the importeuit results which have not only changed the aspect of the early History of Rome, but have, at the same time, given a different tone and color to the later history of that extraordinary nation-the books on Roman History which are used in our schools still continbe, to a great extent, to be what they were half a century ago. Old errors and misconceptions, which have long since been exposed and exploded by scholars, are daily repeated and impressed upon the mind and memory of the rising generation, and the student is left tdiscover these errors at a maturer age, when it is not always an easy matter to get rid of them.
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