Egypt, the Land of the Temple Builders


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Author  Walter Scott Perry
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  288

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The purpose in this book is to convey to the reader, through descriptive text and many illustrations, a clear, though general, idea of the art of ancient Egypt. The book is intended primarily for teachers and for students of art history, who have not time for an exhaustive study of the subject; As an intelligent appreciation of the art of any people necessarily requires an acquaintance with their environment and civilization, the writer has brought into relief such facts as bear upon the life and religion, and the manners and customs, of this ancient people. Successive chapters trace, along evolutionary lines, the origin and development of Egyptian architecture, sculpture, painting, and decoration, as revealed by the light of modern research and personal study. The illustrations include reproductions from carefully-selected photographs and from originals made by the author. These reproductions have been arranged with care, that they may appear opposite the pages of text they illustrate, so that the one may supplement the other.
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