The History of Rome


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Author  B. G. Niebuhr
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  426

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Before proceeding to describe the third Mithridatic war, I will give you a brief survey of the states and nations over which the Roman dominion extended at this time, as well as of those with which Rome was likely to come in contact. The Roman empire in Europe comprised, besides I taly, Provence with a part of Dauphine, and the whole of Languedoc and Toulouse. Although the more distant tribes of Spain were only in a state of half dependence, yet, after the war of Sertorius, the whole of Spain may be regarded as under the Roman dominion, with the exception of Biscay and A sturia. The Cantabri, a great nation in the north of Spain, the separate tribes of which seem to have been perfectly distinct and independent of one another, were quite free. Gaul was in a condition which I shall describe more accurately when I reach the time of Caesar sconquests in that country. The A edui had the supremacy ;the whole country was in a state of very great weakness, V.
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