Egypt and Israel


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Author  Willis Brewer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 11, 2012
Pages  554

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The Hebrew Scriptures, if not so ancient as was once supposed, are sufficiently venerable and valuable to deserve a more perfect and liberal translation than any we now possess. Great as are the difficulties of a translation, and these cannot be wholly overcome, there is no satisfactory excuse to the truth-seeker for some of the short-coming now presented. Throughout the narrative portions especially there is a narrowness of interpretation arising from ignorance, or from exclusion of the religious practices and language of contemporary peoples. The invaluable services of Gesenius himself, which have contributed so freely to Bible exegesis, are painfully defective for that he relies almost entirely on A rabic andS yrian for his philology, and even treats theE thiopic and the Greek with far more consideration than he does the Chaldean, while he slights theE gyptian almost wholly.
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