The Twelve Caesars


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Author  Robert Morris
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 12, 2012
Pages  64

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This first attempt to introduce the science of ancient Numismatics into American study is respectfully commended to all who prize the accuracy of history, and would encourage home enterprise in a new and expensive effort. It consists in supplying sets, one each, of the original coins ofT heT welve Caesars, (J ulius toD omitian, b.c. 48 to a.d. 96,) with scientific readings of them, and of the accurate engravings of 217 more. Thus the privilege may be enjoyed here, as it is by students abroad, of looking face to face upon those who have long occupied niches in the temple of History; of reading, in type and legend, the religious aspirations of remote ages; of handling Roman monuments that were old when civilization in other lands was new; and finally, of making good advances in the science of Numismatics itself. To be able to read these coins under sure instruction, so that each letter and character yields its meaning, as it did toG reek andR oman eyes eighteen centuries since, is an advance inN umismatic study worthy the beginning of a new century in American annals. The manner in which every coin, and each of the 217 engraved coins, is read, in the following pages, leaves but little call for an introduction. The Obverses andR everses supplement each other in making clear the historical meaning of the monuments, and so, showing forth a knowledge which touches as well upon the small as the great estates of men. Let it be borne in mind that historical Numismatics does not subsist merely in explaining the coins; that is the less intellectual business of the coin-dealer. But to make the monument give tongue, to render it vocal, so to speak, in enriching history with those precious details that constitute its light and warmth, this is the work of the true Numismatist, and herein lies the secret of the enthusiasm germane to the vocation. It is here that American te
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